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“AcquaBioPonica IMRAS” – The Acquaponica of Acquario57

  • 14 February 2018

Aquaponics primarily owes its success to the rich and natural nitrogenous compounds that are produced in the fish tanks and hence are absorbed and assimilated by the plants. Acquario57’s RAS facilities are novel iterations of ​​standard aquaponics facilities in how they increase the inherent efficiency of plants and how they tend to absorb nutritive substances, such as complicated nitrates and phosphates, and how they effectively eliminate waste-products via advanced bio-mechanical filtration processes of the cultured water.

However, it should be noted that aquaponics, more often than not, leads to almost mono-profitability of one of the two cultured species. This is why today, Acquario57 has developed a clever iteration of Integrated Multitrophic RAS (IMRAS) known as AquaBioPonica IMRAS, thus redefining the concept of Aquaponics, and therefore providing a solution in balancing two and more highly synergistic cultured species with fair economic profitability indices.

In fact, the new concept of “AquaBioPonic IMRAS” is a system that combines technologies that have already undergone extensive experimentation and research in both hydroponics and aeroponics. Together, with that of sophisticated and proven RAS aquaculture technologies, should invariably allow farmers to obtain both significant returns on fish farming and an equally strong result with hydroponic cultivation. Therefore, summing up, there will be two decoupled facilities, one aquaculture and the other hydroponics, that are apparently independent and self-sufficient each other with their own equipment, but perfectly in synergy, controlled, monitored and integrated into a single system.

Hence, it can be expected that both systems will be more profitable; allowing for weekly harvests for produce and for fish. If added, for example, to other crops with daily collection, such as micro-algae, along with primarily vertical growing structures, fully photo and thermo regulated, this would create a true AquaBioPonic IMRAS system that will command a high profitability at the same time as being environmentally friendly.

Currently, Acquario57, in synergy with a famous German global industry leader in the field of bio-ponds, have pledged their collaborative efforts to aid in the optimization and the development of AquaBioPonic IMRAS. They are making headway in making available a whole range of equipment and equipment dedicated to mechanical water treatment and biological and disinfection in both in Aquaponics and Aquaculture facilities.

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