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For sixty years, passion has evolved into experience.

The birth of the company can be traced back to the kindling of passion for the sea, which in 1957 inspired a young man from Catania, Giovanni Pappalardo, to develop a new profession out of his aquarium hobby.

At that time, hobby aquariums were not widespread and quite difficult to foster. Over more than fifty years, the company “Acquario Tropicale” (Italian for “tropical aquarium”) has worked in the sales and distribution of the best international products, as well as import of aquatic organisms, serving as many as four generations of loyal customers.

Today, Massimo Pappalardo, working under the company name “Aquario 57”, works with the design, manufacture, sales and maintenance of ecosystems for aquatic animals and plants, redefining standards in many fields of services and management of facilities in Italy and all over the world. This work has developed through continuous experience and challenging projects involving, in addition to functionality, design and décor, and aims to deliver a complete product. This means that Aquario 57 guarantees the efficiency and correct operation of any project in its entirety, from concept to creation and subsequent maintenance and assistance.

For nearly twenty years the company has been expanding its activities. In addition to dealing with the design and creation of tanks and aquariums, bio-ponds and glass pools, both for individuals and for public entities, the company also offers design and construction of next-generation aquaculture facilities using highly specialised techniques for their design and creation.

Aquario 57’s innovative in aquaculture stems from the application of sophisticated aquarium systems techniques and knowledge, not only during the assembly and launch of closed circuit water recirculation systems, but also in the transfer of this know-how to open systems for processes of water remediation and environmental restoration (seas, rivers, lakes, harbours), relying on the help of relevant professionals (biologists, veterinarians, engineers, architects, etc.) and the collaboration of the most prestigious national and international partners.

For these reasons, the company has been awarded a certificate of professional competence by the Sicilian Regional Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fisheries – Agriculture Department (former Department of Infrastructural Interventions).