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Author: Daniele_Web

ACQUARIO57 renews its presence at exhibition “AQUAFARM” IN PORDENONE ON 15 – 16 FEBRUARY 2018 PAVILION 5 STAND 5.4 – 5.2

INTEGRATED MULTI-TROPHIC AQUACULTURE IN RAS (IMRAS) A PROJECT THAT BECOMES REALITY In the world of aquaculture, the term IMTA (Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture) refers to multiple cultures of aquatic organisms that …

“AcquaBioPonica IMRAS” – The Acquaponica of Acquario57

Aquaponics primarily owes its success to the rich and natural nitrogenous compounds that are produced in the fish tanks and hence are absorbed and assimilated by the plants. Acquario57’s RAS …